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Northeastern's First and Only TV Station

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Home Of The Northeastern Television LiveJournal

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Join The NUTV Mailing List!!!
Email nu.nutv@gmail.com with the subject line "ADD ME!" Also direct any questions or comments to this email address.

What is NUTV?

NUTV is the first and only television station at Northeastern University. This station should begin campus-wide broadcast and broadcasting to nearby sections of Boston in the Fall of 2005. NUTV is a student run meida group and is monitored by both Northeastern University and Northeastern University's Media Board.

General Rules:

1) Everyone is welcome to join our group. This group is loosely moderated, but any members are able to post without moderation. Please keep this in mind when reading new posts.

2) All forms of criticsm, praise, and commentary are welcome as long as the language is kept appropriate for all age groups. Please be respectful of each other's opinions, but feel free to respond to anything you have an opinion on.

3) No non-related advertising.
Related Advertising allowed include:
- Northeastern and/or Northeastern Clubs/Groups Websites and Livejournals.
- Television-related websites and Livejournals.
- Other similar student groups across the world.

4) Have fun, and be sure to watch or become a member of the group if you have any interest at all in being a part of the NUTV Club which will be starting up soon.