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Check It Out! Dec. 10th, 2003 @ 06:33 pm
In Search Of A Station
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Battle of The Bands!!! Nov. 13th, 2003 @ 03:03 pm
Speare Hall

in association with:
Northeastern Television

Speare Hall's Battle of the Bands!

Tuesday, Novemeber 18th. 8pm.
In the Speare Hall Basement

Check It Out!

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Welcome To NUTV Nov. 3rd, 2003 @ 06:26 pm

This will be the home of Northeastern Television's Livejournal. This will contain news updates and general discussion and feedback for the TV Station as it begins. It will also update you of all upcoming meetings, shoots, activities, and other fun things we think up. For now, this will be an invaluable tool to have your voice heard in what you'd like to see on NUTV.

We'll also provide you with programming notes and updated schedules, so feel free to add us to your friends list to keep track of what's going to be on without having to drag yourself over to our soon-to-be-posted-website.

What is NUTV?

NUTV is the first and only television station at Northeastern University. This station should begin campus-wide broadcast and broadcasting to nearby sections of Boston in the Fall of 2004. NUTV is sponsored by Comcast Media and is currently under review to be sponsored by both Northeastern University and Northeastern University's Media Board.

So why join? Should I join?

This Journal Is For:

Current Students Of Northeastern: Who want to learn how to join the NUTV Club, give feedback about programming they like or dislike, and give us some fresh ideas.

Prospective Students: Who are interested in learning more about the behind the scenes work at the NUTV Station, as well as see what the general public thinks about our station.

Citizens of Boston: Who will be able to view our station across most of Boston as soon as we finish contract negotiations

Alumni, Parents, Professors: Who are welcome to submit feedback, criticism and/or praise.

I don't have any production experience but would like to help out and/or learn to create television shows.

NUTV is open to all individuals of the Boston Community. The NUTV Club is open to all Northeastern Students. Please come to one of our meetings in order to learn a little bit more about the club and its workings.

What's the difference between NUTV and the NUTV Club?

NUTV is Northeastern Television, the soon-to-be official television station for Northeastern University. Once the project is fully up and running, NUTV will service both on-campus and the surrounding area of Northeastern University. Anyone will be welcome to use NUTV as an outlet to show their productions. NUTV will be run by a professional staff including students, alumni, Northeastern Staff, and members of the community.

The NUTV Club is comprised solely of Northeastern University Students. This club will determine many of the major decisions of the station, and submit new proposals to the Station Manager. The NUTV Club will have a lot of pull when it comes to dealing with the station. The NUTV Club is made up of 8 Executive Board Members whose jobs range from secretary and treasurer, to creative consultants and equipment managers, to website design and graphics, to public relations and advertising. All and all the NUTV Club will be the main force behind NUTV and will be very integral in the station's success.

Do I have to be a certain major to join the club?

No. Although some jobs at the station will require production experience and/or classes, all majors are welcome. The NUTV Club has been approved by the head of interdisplinary studies, and therefore is open to all majors. The most popular majors in our club include: Communications Studies, Journalism, Cinema Studies, Theatre, Music, and Business Administration.

How do I receive updates without watching Livejournal?
Email northeasterntv@hotmail.com with the heading “ADD ME” to be added to the mailing list for all official announcements.

General Rules:

1) Everyone is welcome to join our group. This group is loosely moderated, but any members are able to post without moderation. Please keep this in mind when reading new posts.

2) All forms of criticsm, praise, and commentary are welcome as long as the language is kept appropriate for all age groups. Please be respectful of each other's opinions, but feel free to respond to anything you have an opinion on.

3) No non-related advertising.
Related Advertising allowed include:
- Northeastern and/or Northeastern Clubs/Groups Websites and Livejournals.
- Television-related websites and Livejournals.
- Other similar student groups across the world.

4) Have fun, and be sure to watch or become a member of the group if you have any interest at all in being a part of the NUTV Club which will be starting up soon.

-- Wow --
Director of Multimedia Services and Internet Relations
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